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The Truth about Distracted Driving

10 Ways to Save Your Teen Driver’s Life (and Possibly Your Own)



Young drivers hear about not texting while driving. Good advice. But there are a lot more distractions than texting, and if they don’t understand how the brain manages attention, they could blow it off. And most do. They need this understanding! This book explains the truth about distracted driving. Kids need to know.

“I love the concept of moving from “raising children” to “preparing them to be adults” and starting at the age my grandchildren are—around 8 years old—listening, encouraging, praising, giving constructive feedback and resolving conflicts. The book is so easy to read and clearly guides us as parents, grandparents, teachers and advisers to teenagers in helping them on that journey to being happy and successful adults. It will also help me coach my sons and their partners as they help their teenagers (my grandchildren) on their personal journey.”

Frank Thompson, career adviser at The Gateway Academy, UK

“I have admired and followed Dr. Coates for years, and this book is a welcome addition to my parenting toolbox. His insights are a constant reminder that I am raising an adult who will help shape future communities. I like the practical tips he gives and the compassion he has for parents who can sometimes feel overwhelmed and disheartened with their teenagers’ (and their own) behaviour.”

Karen M., Sydney, Australia, researcher and mother of 2

Other books by Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D. and Kathleen Scott

“I love this book even more than How Your Teen Can Grow a Smarter Brain! I especially like the clear format and all the concrete examples. The quotes are great. And I like the suggestion that after tackling Listening to Understand that parents can work on the other skills in any order. Chapter 14 emphasizes the time it takes to first learn and consistently reach for a new skill.”

—Elisabeth Stitt, parenting coach and author of Parenting as a Second Language

Revised & Updated

“While the teenage brain is uniquely sensitive and therefore vulnerable to environmental factors, it is also malleable and adaptive. Indeed, adolescence can be a window of opportunity to bolster brain power. Dr. Coates’ new book gives parents a powerful gift. Use it wisely.”

Victoria Dunckley, MD, child psychiatrist and author of Reset Your Child’s Brain

“Unlike many parenting books out there, Coates’ book is written in an interesting and conversational style that I found helpful as a guide to talking with my own son. I am putting into practice some of his advice and am grateful to read such a clear and loving voice. It’s refreshing to read simple language with an emphasis on character building—all written with an understanding and tolerant voice, obviously well educated in the vagaries of adolescence.”

Elizabeth Aquino, writer and mother of three

“I was thrilled to find a book to help me with the inevitable battles that I know are coming with my son. The author gives practical tools for making those uncomfortable and complex topics straightforward. Core strengths and people skills build the foundation of everybody’s life and each chapter is full of easy ways to bring them into everyday conversations with your children. My biggest takeaway is how important our role is during this time for our kids.”

Julie Walker, mother of a teen son

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Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D.

Dr. Coates speaks and writes about parent communication skills and adolescent brain development for parents and adults who work with youth. He explains how adults can guide young people to develop their prefrontal cortex for critical thinking skills, which enable them...

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Kathleen Scott

Kathleen Scott has had a lifelong passion for travel, nature, and gardening. Since moving to the Texas Hill Country in 2006, her articles related to travel and lifestyle have been published in magazines and newspapers. As a Master Gardener, she has presented programs...

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